After about 20 years of experience in the Como textile industry between family business and employment at important and well-known companies, Stefano Cau decides to launch his own homonym brand "STEFANO CAU" interpreting the world of accessories from his own point of view and with his own creativity, combining deep technical and product knowledge with a personal vision of aesthetics and elegance. Thus was born a new interpretation and vision of designing for silk ties, scarves, foulards, pochettes and shirts with the firm conviction of wanting to support and enhance the know-how of the Como area, a message of sustainability from the KM zero production point of view.

Stefano Cau in his collections takes much inspiration from the 1920s and 1950s. The geometries, lines and shapes are well defined, revised in the size of the patterns, and reinterpreted in new color variations. Permanents in ties include large, placed striped designs, medallions stressed in size to achieve a classic update, and cashmere or paisley motifs that are a cross-era, vintage-style must-have. The designs of the carré and scarves are inspired from season to season by the different cultures and ethnic traditions of the world, with in-depth study and research to enhance the history and particularities of the subject treated.

Stefano puts a lot of energy into the study and development of the color variants, it is his deep conviction that the accessory in general should be above all synonymous with elegance and suitable for every occasion whether fashionable or formal. The colorings are purely dark with tones inspired by the nature that surrounds us, these are sophisticated colors, complex in making but easy to match with any kind of attire.

Deep attention is given to the search for the highest quality fabrics, mostly 100% silk, which differ in construction and weight depending on whether they are ties, neckerchiefs, scarves or shirts. The entire production process, made in Como, is meticulously controlled at every stage, from weaving to finishing, from printing to dyeing. The making is strictly handmade partly in the family factory and partly through the collaboration of experienced local artisans.

The accessories and shirts in the Stefano Cau line are designed and made with the desire to to define and complete the outfit of a contemporary dandy who wants to dress in a sophisticated way and always with a touch of eccentricity.