Skudomade Italia is a company of excellence in the Made in Italy tailored men's outwear fashion sector.
Our company philosophy was born from the encounter of the tailored quality of ‘made in Italy’ in the luxury industry, blended with ideals of environmental and social sustainability with technological innovation – all for the creation of a unique men’s outerwear offering that is entirely handmade.

We satisfy the needs of elegance, comfort and versatility of the contemporary man on a daily basis. Our outerwear is designed through an online configurator, with hundreds of possible combinations / accessories allowing the customer to become "his own stylist" - the true and only protagonist of what he wears.

Each garment is tailored to obtain a perfect fit. The constant search for new technical fabrics coupled with natural and eco-compatible fibers makes the garments waterproof, resistant to wind and weather, stain-resistant, UV rays resistant, breathable and impervious to abrasion. The inclusion of technological accessories such as shielding coatings, nfc buttons, and a heating lumbar band aim to create a ‘smart garment’ that uses technology as a tool to simplify everyday life. Each garment is as unique as the wearer.