Nicola Masolini, founder @RE49 shoes: “My great-grandfather produced the first shoes in 1949 using materials abandoned in the barracks after the Second World War. After 15 years of living abroad, as a sourcing manager for large American footwear groups, I felt the need to create something unique, starting from my family history. My challenge: to produce shoes in a circular economy using materials destined for destruction or excess production materials not meant to be footwear to give them a new life and make them unique.”

RE stands for Recycling and Return to 1949 when the first Masolini footwear company was legally founded by Valentino Masolini recycling old textiles from the barracks to produce the first shoes.

The brand combines the long tradition of Italian footwear with the innovation of applying circular economy through all its processes and certifying each step with the blockchain technology.