Pascucci has been manufacturing ladies’ shoes since 1945. Pascucci is notable for its prowess in buying Italian raw materials with an accurate choice of leather for the uppers, using leather for heel and soles, and making each step of production by hand (in some cases more than 100 steps are involved) and in Italy.

Its founder, Mr. Spartaco Pascucci, he had been a shoes worker since his youth, working in the main shoe factory in his hometown, Fucecchio. Having already enough knowledge and skill to make every kind of shoe from sandals to boots, he decided to make shoes himself. With the help of his wife, Mrs. Lori Cambi, an expert stitcher, he opened a little shoe workshop near home in the late 1940s. Due to growing shoe production, the shoe workshop moved to a bigger place by the late 60s.
In the beginning of the 70s, the production of “scarponi” and boots, changed in ladies moccasins – and the Pascucci name became quite well known in Italy, and by the early 80s had spread to the rest of Europe. A few years later, foreign shoe lovers made up almost 90% of all Pascucci customers. At the end of the 90s Pascucci widened the collection from only moccasins and incorporated ballerina flats, boots and half boots and other styles of women’s shoes.

We take ‘Made in Italy’ a step further to say ‘Made in Tuscany’ as we maintain full loyalty to our region, our local suppliers, and our tradition of craftsmanship. Pascucci’s principal markets are the whole Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada and, of course, the U.S.A. In 2017 the firm’s name changed from Calzaturificio Pascucci to Maestro Shoes, but the company remains still family-owned by the grandson of Spartaco Pascucci, Mr. Walter Fierli who has worked for the company since 1995.