The shoes OL JIMMY shoes tell a story made of artisan tradition and passion for design. Each shoe is designed and developed through a careful choice of materials, which allows each model to be given its own fully recognizable female identity. Quoting an aphorism of Marilyn Monroe the symbol of beauty, "I don't know who invented high heels. But all women owe him a lot."

When I designed the pure silk décolleté, I wanted to represent the essence of femininity. At that precise moment I remembered a quote of the iconic symbol of beauty, Marilyn Monroe, who said: "Give a woman the right shoes and she will conquer the world!" For me the décolleté, in silk with its sensual and elegant original design, and with the fun touch of the bow on the back, express exactly this! - OL JIMMY shoes .

Our mission is to satisfy the style needs of every woman - and also the challenge - which we welcome with enthusiasm through our collections and the seasonal ones that allow you to find the perfect shoe: pleasant to wear and always of great aesthetic impact. Each model has distinctive characteristics, where balance, delicate sensuality and harmony come to life in poetry. Color is the protagonist, now with the application of Swarovski stones and micro-rhinestones. We also offer the choice of soft and romantic shades, and more daring and fascinating combinations in that introduce the purity of silk into our shoes. Vision and ability to intercept the evolution of tastes and trends prove our ‘Made in Italy’ shoes an example of high craftsmanship. Through perfect synergy between tradition and innovation, we aim to empower every woman to live her dreams through our unique creations. OL JIMMY shoes

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