The Brand OF HANDMADE took its first steps about ten years ago, making a few entirely handmade accessories. Today we make a complete collection. Ethical and sustainable. Knitted and crochet garments, entirely handmade, alternate with knitted and rigorous garments, enriched with handcrafted details and references to tradition. OF HANDMADE is a Knitwear Brand that was born from the desire to combine the beauty of tradition with the strength and impact of contemporary design and fashion, and from the desire to create pieces with a highly unique soul, with details, embroideries that bring to mind the tradition OF handmade". Inevitably remaining contemporary. It is a research brand, which pays close attention to the environment and health search for precious and natural materials. Contemporaneity that blends with craftsmanship and sustainability- The Brand is immediately characterized by its aptitude for Sustainability and particular attention to the environment. Through the use of sometimes recycled materials and accessories, from forgotten stocks of fabrics and silks to raw materials with certified and eco-sustainable supply chains. Preferring the work to be performed in short supply chains, in order not to affect the environmental impact. Everything that is done must have a heart, a story to tell. Which once again unites the knitwear industry with the patient, expert and precious work of those who embroider and bring every piece of our history to life. OF HANDMADE is a zero impact Eco-fashion project. It’s a Meeting between history and manual skills. Ethics in the research of materials and in the stylistic choice. 100% Italian handmade.