The adventure began in a small picturesque workshop, among white sneakers and paint jars, on the tail of an original, creative idea. Using the skillful hands of artisan decorators to hand paint shoes, jackets and bags as if they were canvases, the Nira Rubens brand was born. The hand-painted, ‘Made in Italy’ collections are characterized by their unique flair, recognizable for their design and quality.

Nira Rubens is a young company where everything radiates art and research, beginning with the name itself: Nira, a combination of the founder’s name, and Rubens, in homage to the famed Flemish painter, the Master of Color. The entrepreneurial spirit of Ramon combined with Nicoletta’s passion for colors have brought to life the Nira Rubens project. Located on the Brenta Riviera, between Venice and Padua, this area of excellence is famous for its production of footwear and right from the beginning it has unleashed its remarkable potential.

The distinctive feature of Nira Rubens products lies in their uniqueness. At its artistic laboratory in Italy, artisans trained at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice decorate each model created by our designers using different painting techniques. The universal symbols of the star, the heart, the writings and the drawings are reinterpreted and hand-painted, always experimenting with new and exciting color combinations. The “Hand Made in Italy” decorations are protected by the International Registered Design Patent at EUIPO. The casual and glam identity of Nira Rubens finds its natural space in the windows of a selected network of premium clothing and accessories boutiques. Its fashion style stands out for the mix and match of materials and colors, achieving unusual and precious combinations.

nira rubens