MOMA is a creative hotbed emanating flashes of inspiration that bring light into the pitch-black gloom of monotony. MOMA stems from Gigio and Daniele Gironacci’s shared ambition: to go beyond just producing shoes to embrace a different mission and create sculptures that you can wear, real monuments to style that are made of skillfully aged leather.

Before anything else, we get our hands dirty. We handle both creativity and raw materials with the same transformative approach by implementing a team techniques and processes inspired by the skills we have learned from artists, as well as farmers, from Picasso, or from a country woodworker. By wholeheartedly refusing the orthodoxy of flawless things, MOMA shoes carry the marks of visceral, sensual creativity that sees leather as a blank canvas, waiting to be transformed into a style statement.

When we started to produce “used in dirty things” in the ‘80s, we were not trying to come up with a new trend: we just wanted to wear shoes marked by a worldly, experienced look and personality.