Miawhite was born from an idea of Giuliana Mistico who has always nurtured the dream of dressing women and making them special, unique and magnetic. I was born in Naples, a city in southern Italy, a destination for artists and poets who found their inspiration in a city where over time different cultures and peoples have crossed paths.

My life path, my passion for travel, music and curiosity for different cultures, have allowed me to look at women in their thousand faces, temperaments and nuances.

The brand was born from a deep knowledge of the product and from the search for a style that recognizes the richness of every woman's body. The choice of fabrics takes place at the main sector fairs in Milan, Paris and each phase of the production process takes place strictly under our control. The historical and artisanal heritage of my city is a source of inspiration for my collections

Stubbornness and concreteness, together with the passion for a life full of authentic emotions have given life to the brand, through a style that makes the soul of every woman vibrate, in every part of the world.


Miawhite represents the originality and authenticity of every woman. Elegance and refined style find their creative soul in purely Italian design.

Miawhite dresses a multi-tasking woman who, with positivity and determination, covers the roles of an elegant, passionate and at the same time casual and sparkling woman.

“A beautiful woman is not one whose beautiful legs or arms are praised, but one whose overall appearance is of such beauty that it takes away the possibility of admiring the individual parts.” (L.A Seneca)

This is the soul of MIAWHITE, a woman who leaves an indelible mark with her elegance