The KASH style incorporates the elegance of ‘Made in Italy,’ combining high quality knitwear with the high quality of our raw material, cashmere. KASH started in the 60’s in Perugia, Umbria, as a family-run knitwear factory. We inherited from the women of our family the attention to details and the passion for their work. The tradition and craftsmanship are still visible in every KASH garment, integrating and constantly developing innovative processing techniques.

Wearing KASH means wrapping oneself in a noble fiber, characterized by a timeless elegance, appreciated even by the most prestigious luxury brands in the world. Wearing KASH on one hand makes you feel unique and special and on the other it evokes feelings of wellbeing and pleasure. From Umbria to the whole world and back, the journey through timeless style begins on a street woven with the finest yarn, signed KASH.

For over 50 years we have been promoting the Made in Italy, that because the creation of our knitwear takes place entirely in our factory in Umbria. Each stage of the production process is carried out by hand by our expert workers, thus ensuring an excellent quality product that combine style and refinement. The uniqueness of each garment is also guaranteed by the continuous and careful research of new colors, shapes and details, for high-end knitwear that revisits the technical skills of its origins in a modern key.
The Umbrian manufacturing tradition belongs to a fascinating world that is composed of a firm weave of land, history, cultural roots, belonging, professionalism, competence, innovation and entrepreneurial charisma.