Established in 2005 as a family venture specializing in moccasin boots, Karma of Charme has evolved into a globally recognized company, becoming synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional quality. The essence of Karma of Charme lies in the profound concept of dedicating valuable time to create unique masterpieces that evoke excitement and inspire dreams. Rooted in the rich traditions of Italian craftsmanship, the brand cherishes its values and remains committed to upholding them. Every creation by Karma of Charme is meticulously handcrafted and intricately stitched by experienced artisans, employing a meticulous process that begins with the careful selection of premium raw materials. Each detail reflects the unwavering dedication and passion infused into every aspect of the work. The brand's relentless pursuit of stylistic innovation and fascination with diverse cultures are evident in every element. The thread serves as both a symbol and metaphor for the soul of Karma of Charme, representing the interwoven bonds that define the brand. At its core, Karma of Charme remains a family, and anyone who steps into their world becomes a part of it, sharing the same values of authenticity and craftsmanship. These values are indispensable, as they form the foundation for creating something truly precious together.