With a natural approach to creativity, IN.ZU is fashion and design, art and craftsmanship, function and emotion at once. Founded in 2004 by Elena Zuin, who currently runs the project together with Ruediger Witcher, IN.ZU is a laboratory of ever-evolving ideas, a space for experimentation and research, from which new textile products with a strong contemporary spirit are born every day. Handbags, aprons and accessories with unexpected geometrical decorations are constructed with an architectural attitude to craftsmanship. Top quality fabrics are used in unconventional ways and with painstaking attention to detail they are transformed through the technical and sartorial savoir faire of the Made in Italy. Sold in metropolitan concept stores and in the bookshops of international museums, the everyday objects created by IN.ZU are a perfect combination of essentiality and versatility, complexity and lightness, aesthetics and functionality.

Elena Zuin was born in 1976 in Portogruaro (VE). During her studies at the Faculty of Communication Sciences in Trieste, she spent her Erasmus in Madrid. There, in a new cosmopolitan context, her disposition towards art and creativity, both dormant for years, emerged anew. Parallel to her studies, she thus decided to stay in Spain to attend the school of plastic arts. She first specialized in weaving in Madrid and then in drawing and artistic printing in Barcelona. It was there that she developed a particular interest in an unusual and apparently insignificant textile product: the apron. Her Spanish studies culminated with a project entirely devoted to this essential workwear item, revisiting its style, shape, wearability and expressive potential. Elena came back to Italy with a renewed interest in the study of communication. She therefore wrote her thesis on the new approach to textiles she had learned in Spain, laying on the foundations of her professional future. Her research on the wearability, ergonomics, practicality, versatility and lightness of aprons unfolded for years, and now finds a new application with the bag within the IN.ZU project.

Design is minimal, essential and never not thorough. Lines are well defined and core values rooted: IN.ZU is now ready to launch on the market with an unmistakable character and identity. Back in 2012, IN.ZU first began to take part in international design fairs in Milan, Paris, Frankfurt and New York, where season after season, it showed its new collections and gained ever-more admirers and new customers. Internationally renowned concept stores and museum bookshops are now regulars. From a solo project, the brand has grown over the years, taking advantage of successful professional collaborations with model-makers, tailors, architects and communication experts who unite forces and share a common goal: to bring the philosophy of IN.ZU wherever there is someone ready to share it and make it their own.