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The great beauty of leather gloves, the extraordinary “Made in Italy” quality of craftsmanship and the innovative design distinguish heritage brand, Forino Gloves 1899. Our company is rooted in the Neapolitan tradition of working gloves made of genuine leather where skilled craftsmanship and an eye for beauty are passed down from generation to generation. We join the skills, competence and imagination of local artisans with productive innovation, creating fashionable gloves and a range of approximately 200 original models within our collections of elegant and sport gloves for both men and women.

Elegance, refinement of the glove - but also simplicity and practicality: the key elements of Forino Gloves 1899, combined with unparalleled attention to detail and expert selection of raw materials to enhance our product. One can scramble up the climb of Santa Elia, in the district of Sanità of Naples (once the District of glove crafters) to arrive at Forino Gloves, a family company more than a century old. “Made in Italy” is a promise, a story, and indicative of a deep knowledge of craftsmanship, processing raw materials, innovation, design, creativity, and high fashion.

Now the third generation of our family champions the industrious spirit and international story of our company – and reaffirms the value of craftsmanship. Internally we are growing as we face the markets and the global economy: international exchanges have increased through web channels and through the participation in the most important international fairs. Our company has positioned itself among the most requested and appreciated glove brands in international markets, from Japan to Russia, Eastern Europe, Italy, Germany, France and England. Included in the word glove is “love,” and to our family, it is our promise and our life.

Gloves Forino 1899