Ghilardi 1940 was created to represent the flagship brand of the Agatex firm that features four generations of Italian shirtmakers who worked tirelessly, pairing tradition with innovation to deliver a top quality, made in Italy shirt.

Famous for being one of the first companies in Italy to introduce the NO IRON shirt back in the 80s, Agatex continues to innovate while respecting top quality standards and traditions. Ghilardi 1940 is the perfect example of this, and is known for the durability and modern design of their items. Agatex brings together elegance and innovation to create distinctive product. As a guarantee of artisanal quality and exclusivity, the family has decided to add its coat of arms on top of every shirt.


Since its foundation in 1940, the company has evolved over the decades, adjusting to the newest market trends without losing sight of quality, design and style. Over the years, Agatex has started adding to the production for luxury third party brands the production of proprietary brands. The idea proved so successful that proprietary brand lines are now the core of our portfolio offering.