Gala Gloves is a Neapolitan family business founded in 1930, whose authentic heart lies in the name itself; GALA, which stands for Gaetano, Antonietta, Lorenzo and Alessandro. Currently CEO of the company, Alessandro Pellone, is not only the third generation to manage the company but also the custodian of the

entire artisanal legacy handed down over for decades. For more than 80 years glove-making techniques, expertise and quality standards have been kept at the highest level to preserve the "Made in Naples" traditions characteristic of the Gala Gloves leather glove brand.

With a nod to the past and a vision set towards the future, the cornerstone pillars of the company's philosophy are to maintain passion and diligence in the craft of glove-making, so that quality and elegance blend seamlessly with current trends. This is what Alessandro likes to call "Contemporary Tradition"; an ethos which has bound the Pellone family together for three generations.