About Gaiofatto Gaiofatto idea comes from a vision of all around well being, as a ‘fullfilled’ life style, made of sensations and of good relationship with the self, with the other and with the environment. For this reason Michela Gaiofatto, the brand’s designer, is committed in the creation of clothes with an high social impact, with the aim to collect positive energy in their path, so that they can then became positive energy conductor themselves. This is possible through a sustainable chain, designed to respect people involved in the surrounding environment. ​ Beauty, style and sophistication, handcraft and innovation, passion for excellence. These are the values that generate a luxury made of substance and not merely of appearance. The well being value is strictly tied with the design process in which the study of altered geometries, shapes and volumes, and of relationships between body and space becomes an exploration of harmony. The result is a fresh and essential aesthetic, characterized by a contemporary and linear style, reflecting the concept of essence. The minimal cuts are studied in order to highlight the close attention paid for details which are designed to have aesthetic value in their own. Each model has a sophisticated touch that will never go unobserved. The couture world build up the reference background of the brand, as you can see in the garments construction and in some handmade details. The sartorial know-how combines with creative innovation through the decomposition of classical patterns and structures. The in-depth study behind each garment guarantees the value of durability, a key point in Gaiofatto. This endless research puts every single piece in a new space beyond any ephemeral trends.