Franceschetti is a small artisan factory that produces men’s shoes of high level: the collections proposed are various, from formal to casual, from the business shoe to the refined sneaker. The product becomes more and more hybrid, to full advantage of a daily comfort that removes the rigidity of the dress code.

The history of the Franceschetti shoe factory begins in the early decades of the twentieth century, when our great-grandfather Adelio started producing men’s shoes entirely handmade in his little shop nearby his house. Nowadays, a century later, the identity and values of the company are still unchanged. From the design up to the packaging, each Franceschetti shoe undergoes more than 200 production’s steps. Craftsmanship, attention to detail, design, high production and service standards are the basis of the brand philosophy, aimed to enhance the authentic Italian product.

Franceschetti knows how to enhance generational know-how, employing specialized local workers. Its factory is located in Montegranaro, in the Marche region, which is well known as the town of men’s shoes, of artisans, and of companies internationally renowned.