Elisa Cavaletti is a women’s RTW brand made in Italy, designed to draw in art, style, culture, friendships and cheer like a magnet. The collection inspires encounter and exchanges, allowing the wearer to add to the “moments” she collects like treasures over her lifetime.

Beyond the boundaries of memory, emotions intertwine into one great story. Time, faces and colours are freed from their contemporaneity and each image is pervaded by a silvery light, like the wake of a star that carries with it the wonder of every moment experienced.

Elisa Cavaletti inspires to recognize what lies within each of us. Every woman represents a whole myriad of things in our existence – we believe we are each more than our individual lives; we are more than a single story. Believing in one’s passion is the philosophy of life that we celebrate. Each piece of our collection is an authentic symbol of happiness and gratitude.

elisa cavaletti