In an age in which fashion trends change by the day, DIS celebrates the Classics: iconic dress shoes and classic sneakers every sartorially-inclined gentleman should own and should make unique by adding their distinctive touch.

DIS - Design Italian Shoes is the 100% Made in Italy customized footwear brand. DIS developed the customized footwear service under its own brand and distributed the project to over 50 international stores. DIS decided to make its technological platform and its artisanal workers available to other brands to offer customized shoes, 100% Made in Italy, in 10 business days. DIS began through a collaboration of three professionals. Andrea Carpineti, Michele Luconi and Francesco Carpineti turned an intuition into an idea and a project into a reality, using their expertise in different areas.

DIS philosophy focuses on uniqueness as a research and enhancement of an exclusive and unrepeatable individuality. The symbol that for DIS identifies uniqueness is Giano Bifronte, an ancient Roman / Italic deity emblem of change. Its two mirror faces represent the past and the future respectively. Giano thus has a dual view: he looks at the present with a gaze turned to the past, to the elapsed time, and a gaze turned to the future, to what has not yet been.

DIS believes in the revolutionary power of Made-To-Order to handcraft only as much as it’s needed and what’s needed. No waste. Only premium quality products, designed with care and to last. Raw material suppliers are located in an area of just 10 km, allowing DIS to reduce C02 emissions by 30% compared to a normal shoe manufacturing company.

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