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The passion for fashion, the need for creativity, the deep respect for the artisan knowledge of the family heritage and a pinch of resourcefulness are the ingredients that contributed to the birth of the Dea Sandals brand placing us on the border between art and craftsmanship, combining design, quality and preciousness in a synthesis that always has excellence as its goal. We produce dedicated and customized lines of sandals for men, women, children, and even exclusively or private labels.

The style of our collections want to express the radiance and vitality of the landscapes of the island of Capri, from the fantastic and highly scenic architectures of the Pompeian domus to the colors of natural beauty modeled by the fire of Vesuvius and the water of the Mediterranean.
A continuous and careful selection of raw materials allows us today to use Tuscan leather, Swarovski crystals and Italian leather of the highest quality for our production. All our collections are full of different models and lines to satisfy women with different personalities.

A dynamic commercial team allows us to study product lines in a classic style or in line with new aesthetic currents and also on the basis of a specific target deduced from a careful analysis of the market in which the customer operates. Knowing the target also allows us to implement well-planned marketing strategies for commercial success. The corporate philosophy of Dea Sandals is simple and clear: satisfying the customer by establishing relationships and personalizing relationships, interpreting needs in the best possible way, and satisfying expectations, arousing emotions.

Dea Sandals