THE BRAND DNA The History of the company is the story of a family that embodies the love for the artisan tradition and keeps the traditions alive, in the production of clothing and leather accessories. The products have been entirely designed and manufactured in Tuscany for more than 40 years. The result are collections that mix the know-how of the Tuscan tradition with a contemporary aesthetic and particular attention to innovation and quality. The essence of Cuoieria Fiorentina contains a strong and distinctive personality. Creative simplicity made up of details that materialize in a recognizable and timeless design, with products that adapt to any occasion. A contemporary and versatile personality, where traditional craftsmanship meets creative and technological experimentation on shapes, materials and colours. Inspired by heritage, not dictated by it. MISSION & VISION Interpreting trends without being slaves to them, with a contemporary soul and the creativity of Made in Italy, to accompany dynamic men and women, in feeling comfortable in any situation. USED MATERIALS A long-term commitment to promote a more sustainable business. This is what we do at Cuoieria Fiorentina: we work to reduce our environmental impact and protect nature, people's rights, inclusion and sustainability. We are a company that cares about ESG factors (environment, social, governance) and even about the presence of women in the company, with our 82% of female workers and executives. We have set ourselves the goal of completing our development program by 2030: we want to work to obtain maximum efficiency and achieve the use of 50% renewable electricity, also thanks to the implementation of the photovoltaic system in the company. Any numbers? The reduction of consumption by 30% within 8 years. We believe in ETHICS; we only choose QUALITY LEATHER to obtain resistant bags that LAST OVER TIME.