In the Campania region of southern Italy, the culture of elegance comes from a tradition of beauty, vitality, and fantasy – one grows up appreciating these gems, and this is where the roots of the Castori brand lie. Castori stylishly interprets the heritage of its native land – a fertile land of skilled shoemakers – into its men’s footwear. It channels the principles of Neapolitan tailoring: light, sensual, and with a touch of guasconeria (cockiness).

The first thing you notice with a Castori shoe is the patina and a vast range of colors. From the leather soles which are all customized in Pompeii red, a symbol of blood and the passion of Campania from which everything originates, to the uppers that are available in hand-polished, top quality leathers and precious skins. Contemporary, comfortable and flexible shoes, thanks to the Goodyear and Norwegian craftsmanship, can also be lined in cashmere or double face fur. We also offer a range of belts that feature the same hand finish as the footwear.
Castori was founded in 2008 from the determination and skill of Vito Viscido, a businessman from Salerno with a long history in the world of fashion, driven to create the ideal shoe. His passion for shoes was derived from his maternal grandfather Carlo, who meticulously cared for his custom-made shoes which were kept under lock and key – the handle of which is now the logo of the Castori brand, a symbol of awareness, preservation and curiosity.

Castori designs its models for the metropolitan businessman, who is used to traveling for work and for pleasure, and expressing his personality in the most diverse environments. Castori stands for the appreciation of quality that has been coded into the Italian DNA for millennia, and is its key differentiating factor in the world.
Castori values craftsmanship, attention to detail, excellence of the manual workmanship, neoclassical approach and aesthetic outlook. Castori's output is deliberately limited to 4,000 pairs of men’s shoes each season, all of which are individually inspected – from sneakers to formal shoes.