CARDILLO_design is an Italian brand was found in 2012 by architect Anna Maria Cardillo, she’s interested to the ornament for the body and she have an anthropological interest about the jewelry and the semantic meaning that is behind these creations. Her creations have a strong character through the use of simple shapes and lines, often with a clear reference to elementary geometry. They are the result of careful research, which denotes the right balance between color, material and size and the combination of volumes and shapes.
The research and use of different materials from those commonly used in the making of jewelry, they’re the characterizes his creations handmade at the expense of quantity, stressing the importance of craftsmanship, the unique and "never the same " The designer prefers materials like leather, different yarns like raffia, often worked in crochet, which are often combined with other materials such as wood, concrete, blow lump glass, cotton, etc.
From 2014 she is a member of the AGC – Italian Contemporary Jewellery Association. Selected in January 2015 to the project "Dialogues AGC-JJDA" traveling exhibition on contemporary jewelery in Japan and Italy.
She takes part in the competition "Design 20:14" organized by Jewel In and is among the winners with the collar "FRAME".

The first collection "ZERO" present a careful processing chain, the main element in the world of jewelery, represented in a totally innovative; necklaces composed of rings and / or links of a chain from massing exuberant, long or choker, all realized with leather and raffia crochet-knitted.
The collection "MASAI" presented in London at the 2013 th Vibe Gallery to fashionshow of Italian Art Festival reflects the charm of the colors and forms of the collars of the Masai women, who inspired this collection for new version of the designer, the exasperating minimalism in chromatic and formal concept.
The collection “CAPPIO", is featured by the neckpiece highly decorative impact in which color wins on the apparent provocation. The materials used in the collection, in addition to the genuine leather , are geometric elements in solid wood (wenge natural tulipiè and walnut) combined with balls of cotton and blown glass light.
The “TALISMANO” collection refers to the meaning of the ancient amulets, as first ornaments of man's history. They are protective jewels, propitiatory and healing, characterized by "apotropaic" function to ward off evil influences, attract benign and preserve therapeutic properties.
This collection is characterized by neckpieces and bracelets with a strong sculptural and symbolic connotations and shape, All pieces in the collection are handmade in genuine leather with inserting items in different materials like porcelain, charred wood, oxidized metal.