A handmade product allows us to get in touch with the soul of the person who created it and with its history. From the seams, to the weaves, from the placing of the studs to their engraving, it is the hands that transfer the passion and emotion of those who touch, work and create every single item to each Campomaggi bag.

Founder and stylist, Marco Campomaggi, was influenced by the creativity of his sculptor father. Since his adolescence, he demonstrated a manual ability, which combined with his aesthetic sense and a strong, concrete and earthy spirit, led to his first youthful creations. Each Campomaggi piece is unique thanks to the hands that take care of the leather, the working processes, and the dyes, which enhance imperfections creating diversity, uniqueness and beauty.

About 10 kilometers from Meldola, in the Forlì area in Emilia Romagna, in the heart of Italy, you will find the small town of Teodorano perched on a hill. Marco Campomaggi shows this deep bond with his origins and territory as a distinctive sign on every creation having grown up watching the hands of native craftsmen work. Campomaggi bags do not wear out over the course of a season, they are objects designed to pass from hand to hand from fathers to children, acquiring value over the years.