Antonio Sannino founded his company 32 years ago in a cozy tailoring workshop in Sarno, a village in the hills southwest of Napoli, where he devoted all of our efforts to crafting the one item: THE SHIRT.

This one-product philosophy follows his goal of creating flawless garments that combine modern aesthetics with the handiwork of expert tailors adhering to Neapolitan tailoring traditions.

In 2017, both sons, Alessio and Gennaro, decided to join the company to help redefining this timeless piece, staple of every man’s wardrobe.

We are a family business and we always treat our customers as if they are family, too.
Everything we do, we believe that people hold a very special place. We want to be more than the classic clothing purveyor, but an extended family where friendship, and transparency is at core.
We do this by establishing genuine relationships with our partners and clients, devoting our efforts to offer a white-glove service.

Our dedication is to outstanding quality.
All our shirts are handmade from first cut to final stitch in our small workshop in Sarno, Italy.
We sew our shirts according to the Neapolitan tradition. This provides the beauty of showing handmade details that elevate our shirt from a staple to a work of art.
We source the right fabrics from the best mills all over Italy to ensure that they meet all the quality and sustainability goals that we are committed to.

In this modern era, master tailors are close to extinct.
Due to generational shifts, it’s nearly impossible to find someone who truly commits to patiently learning the traditional art of tailoring. A tailor with the perseverance required to master the art is a rare thing.
We’re proud to have built up a large team of master craftsmen. Their knowledge and expertise are one of the things that brings our product into a tier of its own. We can’t wait for you to see and feel the difference!