Calpierre s.r.l. is the shoe factory of Campania in Italy which has been producing shoes since 1964, creating a variety of fashion-forward collections, made to guarantee quality, comfort and elegance. Quality and value are the real engines for the success of Calpierre. The brand’s heritage creates quality based on the skills of true master shoemakers, who help ensure our legacy. The Calpierre brand is distributed in most of Europe, covering the entire Italian territory, in America and in Asia.

The Calpierre product is authentic, entirely made in Italy, following the tradition and the criteria of the best master shoemakers. The company’s work is characterized by the Italian craftsman’s tradition and by innovation, using the best Italian national raw materials. It therefore combines artisanal craftsmanship with a strong propensity for technological evolution. From classic to sporty styles, Calpierre continues to innovate and introduce new styles and ranges to its brand.

The main value of every Calpierre shoe is its workmanship. The Calpierre shoe is the synthesis and combination of skilled work, handmade quality, and the use of the best technologies. The result is an innovative ‘Made in Italy’ product. Our processes guarantee the highest quality along the entire supply chain, from the selection of the best leather and hides, through packaging.