The Buti bag is a container of history - an unbelievable and historic combination of manual skills and artisanal knowledge that have almost been lost. At Buti we care for these secrets and techniques that make each bag a living object. We pride ourselves on constantly updating our practices, choosing the best materials, and making research a fundamental priority.

Each of our products is unique and unmistakable, an object into which we pour creativity, time, resources, quality, history, tradition and the work of our hands. Over so many decades the world has changed and faced new challenges and new innovations, but our Made in Italy craftsmanship remains true, inspiring us to coin the phrase: Can’t Stop a Buti Bag.

Everything born from Buti, from design to sampling to production, heralds from Italy – more precisely from Tuscany (near Florence). Our family’s brand is a part of Italy’s history, and we appreciate our bigger role as citizens of the whole world. The Buti bag is the way in which we are committed to preserving ‘Made in Italy’ and sharing its true meaning with our global family.

It may have been 60 years since 1958 when the founder Pilade Buti created his own company, but the values we have and everything we believe in have remained unchanged over time. Now the second and third generations of the Buti Family are committed to carrying on the signature craftsmanship and design of the brand, like a thread that does not stop and continues over time to sew bag after bag.