BRUCLE is a family-owned Italian brand of handcrafted fashion accessories founded on the values of quality, elegance and contemporary artisanship. All BRUCLE accessories are entirely designed in Padua and handmade in Italy. Led by Alessandra Bruscu and Simone Marzini, our mission is to design and produce a total look of high quality fashion items infused with personality, and to affirm BRUCLE in all major international markets as a beacon of contemporary Italian craftsmanship, and an icon of style, quality, variety and professionalism.

For 20 years, BRUCLE has specialized in the production of women’s and men’s accessories such as belts, suspenders, wallets, small leather goods, key chains, eyeglasses cases, coin purses, money clips and purses. Together with the best Como silk manufactures, we have also created a large collection of top quality silk accessories like neckties, pocket squares and bowties, all in accordance with our care for high skill artisanship, a stronghold of our company and of our every product. BRUCLE’s collections balance years of tradition with contemporary designs, classic elegance with glamour and original patterns.

Since 2002, the style and quality of BRUCLE have been recognizable for beautiful and functional products that combine experience and tradition with our reliance on innovative technologies for the processing of leathers and fabrics that respect the environment.

We see each of our designs like a jewel: a unique piece of craftsmanship made with passion and the uttermost attention to the particular as well as to the overall look of the object. BRUCLE’s customers are refined admirers of the beauty to be found in details and of the sustainable ethics and Italian tradition that shine through each of our products. We can meet each and every customer’s personal requirements by offering customization and tailoring services for all our accessories.