The creations of Beba Gioielli are designed and produced by Beatrice Filippini, a Florentine graduated at the State Institute of Art in Florence, who after useful experiences in other companies decided to open her own “Atelier Orafo” artisan workshop where she is able to design and develop new techniques and concepts in the world of goldsmith art. This is how she created the Beba Gioielli brand: A collection of personalized jewelery in plexiglas and gold-plated bronze, one of a kind, in which two different metal sheets of different shapes combine together to create a 3D jewel. When asked what she thinks when she creates a new piece of jewelry, Beatrice replies “I want to make people smile”. She uses her innate Florentine irony to create fun, carefree garments that will make the wearer happy. She says: “I don't intend to change the world but I want the wearer of my creations to feel beautiful inside and out”. Made in Italy with love.