Asciari carries pret-à-porter collections and a newly born skin care line. Our brand name - meaning “discover, research and meet your inner self” in the ancient Sicilian language- is a workshop of special ideas and projects in which minimalistic design, natural materials and high-end craftsmanship interact with each other. Together they generate precise cultural and aesthetic codes that define a timeless identity. The brand is a reflection of the lifestyle of its founders and driving force: siblings Marta, Federica and Pietro.

The apparel collections reveal a devotion to shapes free from any superstructure and for this reason pure, essential and not subject to ephemeral trends. We source the finest raw natural products, using only prestigious and exclusively natural fibers adopted from suppliers with a strong heritage, and who are capable of developing ad hoc fabrics, finishings and colors. Minimalistic lines are complemented by elite tailoring, fully made and manufactured in Sicily. Double splittable cashmere is a unique hand-made art and signature to the brand.

All Asciari’s collections and products are entirely made in Sicily and represent the finest expression of craftsmanship, combining artisan know-how, cutting-edge technologies, and our goals for of sustainability and full-integration. Respect for human life, our region and the environment are at the basis of each product made by Asciari – all representing the founders’ inherited values. The brand reflects an ‘unconventional Sicily’ – hallmarked by its austerity and decided minimalism to create collections that still evoke richness and experience.