V.O.D. is an independent fashion boutique located in Dallas, Texas. In addition to stocking some of today’s most influential fashion brands,they scour the globe seeking out the very best independent clothing designers from around the world.

Retail City : DALLAS, TX

Retail Url : https://vodboutique.com

Retail Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/vodboutique/?hl=en

Retail Buyer name 1 : Elizabeth O'Mahony - Owner / Buyer

Retail Buyer email 1 : elizabeth_omahony@hotmail.com

Retail Buyer name 2 : Jackie Bolin - Co-Owner


Retail Buyer email 3 : Liz Thompson - Buyer

Retail Phone : 214-754-0644

Retail Address : 2418 Victory Park Lane Dallas, TX 75219