Lost & Found is an off-the-radar shopping experience that offers people unusual, small boutique clothing lines, accessories, textiles and hand crafted pieces for the home from all over the world.

It started as a laboratory to explore new ideas and the store very quickly developed a cult-like following. It has progressed and grown, creating layers of connections and an international presence. All three Lost & Found shops have timelessness, a consistent spirited energy and a singular vision that is always inspiring.

Retail City : LOS ANGELES, CA

Retail Url : https://lostandfoundshop.com/

Retail Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/lostandfoundshop_la/

Retail Buyer name 1 : Adriana Verwey - Buyer

Retail Buyer email 1 : adriana@lostandfoundshop.com

Retail Buyer name 2 : Anita Afandor - Senior Buyer

Retail Buyer email 2 : anitaafanador@lostandfoundshop.com

Retail Buyer name 3 : Ken Clutter - Business Director

Retail Buyer email 3 : kenclutter@lnfinc.org

Retail Phone : 323.856.5872 303 420 8080 Ken

Retail Address : 6320 Yucca Street Los Angeles, CA US