Bhoomki is a Brooklyn-based boutique with ethically-made fashion at its forefront. Stocking brands that source organic, recycled, or artisanal fabrics, the store also features an in-house label that is manufactured with low impact dyes and a reduced carbon footprint. Bhoomki works to directly support traditional creators and artisans around the world while providing unique, special pieces--a real win-win for everyone.

Retail City : NEW YORK

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Retail Buyer name 1 : Dominika Jezewska - Fashion Consultant

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Retail Buyer name 2 : Swati Argade - Public Speaking,

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Retail Phone : (917) 285 4340 (Dominika) (718) 857-5245

Retail Address : Bhoomki 158 FIfth Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11217 United States