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This stunning store resides in the modern shopping center, Classen Curve. You will be stunned from the moment you walk in by the grand staircase and luxurious goods drenched in the natural sunlight beaming in from the vast windows. Whether you choose to browse or be escorted by one of our skilled stylists, you'll find exactly what you are looking for. From everyday to formal apparel and a generous assortment of jewelry and accessories, Balliets is your go-to local department store.

Retail City : OKLAHOMA-OK

Retail Url :

Retail Instagram :

Retail Buyer name 1 : Julie Allen - Buyer

Retail Buyer email 1 :,

Retail Buyer name 2 : Barbara Jansen - Buyer, (Designer, Modern Apparel)

Retail Buyer email 2 :

Retail Buyer name 3 : Robyn Cook - Buyer (Jewelry,Accessories,Handbags)

Retail Buyer email 3 :

Retail Phone : 405-848-7811 Julie (405) 418-7319 Robyn (405) 418.7312 Jaynie

Retail Address : 6443 Avondale, Oklahoma City, OK 73118

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