Fine Italian menswear combining tradition with innovation

For over one-hundred years, Zingone has been known as a sartorial fashion house of distinguished Made in Italy quality and style. It all started in 1896 when Gennaro Zingone opened his first design studio in the heart of Rome, Italy. Within a few years, the business expanded in response to demand for its quality tailoring and celebrated designs.

Driven by an innovative spirit, a commitment to excellence, and a desire to provide a comprehensive shopping experience, Zingone acquired the entire building in Rome where his landmark studio was located. He transformed the space into a visionary shopping experience, one with a premium selection of merchandise, offering a wide array of the finest fabrics, accessories, and clothing. The Zingone maison soon became a rendezvous point for international clients with an exigent need for quality and reliable products.

In the years that followed, the brand’s reputation for elegance led to several international accolades. In 1971, Zingone was awarded the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, a meritorious service of achievement and one of the highest honors to be bestowed. Eventually, the brand became recognized as an international benchmark of Made in Italy quality in foreign markets. For generations, one of the brand’s most famous slogans remains planted in the hearts and minds of many, “Zingone dresses up all Rome.” Fueled by a dedication to research and sourcing the finest materials available for production and design, the Zingone collection continues to offer a refined selection of garments for men, women, and children.

Men’s suits are crafted from soft flannels, wools, and silks in lively shades with precision cuts for the modern man who wants to remain unique, but with a conservative touch. Defining factors include hand stitched construction and hand-finished details. Together with sophisticated fabrics, fit, and models, Zingone has the expertise to help any man build his own personal style, each garment a tailored shape without compromising on comfort.Perfectly suited wool jackets for any occasion with a notch lapel offer variations in checkered browns and blues. Jackets that fasten with two or three buttons depending on style choice, a practical and elegant cut made with expert hands by skilled Italian tailors.

And don’t forget swim trunks. Offered in dozens of designs and colors, including deep blues and vibrant pinks with a signature palm tree print, at Zingone the swim trunk is designed to double as the very best shorts. As precisely tailored as suit trousers, made with lightweight microfiber cloth, quick to dry and soft to the touch. Accents include elastic belt with drawstring and back tear-off pocket. All cut from lightweight, high-quality polyester that won’t fade dramatically over time. To this day, the family-owned Zingone brand has been producing garments with the same devotion as its founder. The firm is currently managed by fourth generation family members Stefano and his wife Susanna, following the same timeless Zingone traditions with passion, enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication. With a commitment to meeting the needs of its discerning customers, Zingone brings its one-hundred-and-twenty-year history of tailoring and design to the world.