Men's metropolitan sportswear designed for ultimate comfort

A story of family, craftsmanship, and passion for what you do — this is the foundation of Zerosettanta, a menswear entrepreneurial brand with a long history of Made in Italy tradition. Since 1948, imagination has been the cornerstone for a family fashion maison that brings distinct outerwear to select markets worldwide. Owned by the Landi group, also parent company of L’Imper, Giancarlo Rossi and Landi Fancy, each Zerosettanta Studio piece brings to life the myth and mystique of Italian design excellence.

For the discerning eye, the brand evokes the romantic spirit of metropolitan sportswear. Launched several years ago with a focus on sustainable eco-design, today Zerosettanta excels at filtering countryside influences through the lens of urban sophistication. The result is a high-concept design approach that merges casual comfort with fine streetwear. Distinct and always flawless in its construction, Zerosettanta Studio offers contemporary fits in a line of high-performance metropolitan sportswear featuring soft yet tailored coats, structured military jackets and impeccably constructed trousers. Traditional silhouettes are slightly updated, producing hybrid styles that are reminiscent of the Tuscan countryside, combined with an urban flair. Fabrics are a mix of unusual blends.

From linen to denim and jersey, and all the way to brushed wools, each material is purposefully designed to create a modern yet retro-contemporary feel. Seasonal colors range from orange, wheat yellow, blue, ecru and sage to classic navy and chocolate brown, all palettes embellishing the wardrobe of the elegant country gentleman with a touch of street-smart bravura. Proudly standing in its Tuscan roots, Zerosettanta Studio is committed to adhere to the finest production and design standards, always striving to reach the highest level of innovation and thoughtful imagination.

the signature quilted cotton nylon jackets are reminiscent of the English countryside, with their updated fit and cut in understated shades like persimmon and baby blue. Waxed cotton, a renowned English tailoring staple, has been reimagined in both the utilitarian pea coat and the multi-pocketed country jacket. Adding up to the complexity of the collection are expertly tailored leather and suede garments that offer a more traditional Italian flair, while the meticulously tailored shirt jackets in fine Irish linen provide extra lightness, with the advantage of a sportcoat like construction.

Always loyal to the fundamental values of the brand, Zerosettanta Studio cherishes every moment of the production process, carefully considering every design element, from construction to finish. Together, the brands’s creations provide a must-have wardrobe for the distinguished gentleman who likes to transition effortlessly from the city to the country, without going unnoticed.