Heritage fashion expert specializing in luxury handbags and accessories

Valentino Orlandi is an haute couture accessory brand, specializing in all sorts of leather goods, from handbags to shoes. In the marketplace since 1970, the brand combines cutting-edge style and ongoing research to ensure all creations are designed, developed, and produced to meet the highest Italian standard.

Produced in the company’s own factory located in Corridonia, a small town near Macerata, in the region of Marche, the sophisticated craftsmanship ensures each piece is perfectly constructed, always infused with a certain je ne sais quoi. It’s this special mystique that has allowed the brand to win important awards over the years, amongst which was the Mipel Quality Award, awarded by the most important Italian fair in the leather industry.

What distinguishes a Valentino Orlandi creation is an exceptional attention to details, while always featuring the finest handmade manufacturing on the market. Unique embroideries, matched with luxurious materials and quality, turn a simple handbag into a timeless iconic piece. For Valentino Orlandi fashion is a language of its own, a way of being, a tool of communication able to convey values. With its collections of staple luxury handbags, the brand always elevates itself, season after season, furthering global awareness of the high Italian standard of creativity and style. Valentino Orlandi’s craftsmen operate like sculptors with clay, using their unique vision to construct, shape, and finish one-of-a-kind pieces. Each handbag is a work of art in its own right.

Every wardrobe requires a luxury statement handbag that will coordinate with and complete any outfit and Valentino Orlandi has every shape and hue to find the one that best suits you. Reds, whites, and blacks are the iconic go-to colors for the current collection’s take on bold statement shades. Employing iconic Matelassé styles, the collection features original quilts that embellish shoulder bags, belt bags, and clutches, all while the sparkling laminated leathers, croco prints, and gold chains, work to infuse black studded bags with a rock n’ roll vibe. Fine embroideries, which have always been a brand signature, generate unique looks and patterns when combined with retro-looking braided leather detailing – truly irresistible. Not only are these designs stunning, but they are truly comfortable, spacious, and versatile. Valentino Orlandi successfully transforms backpacks from purely utilitarian objects to fashion statements and works of art.

One cannot mention the brand without at least an acknowledgment of the pieces that most clearly pay homage to the brand’s heritage and legacy. From crocodile clutches, to cross body bags, and all the way to exquisitely crafted shoulder bags, each style exudes a timeless vibe and is meant to be worn year after year, only getting more beautiful with time. The historic leather specialist masterfully outsources and selects the finest waterproof and anti-scratch materials that, combined with its timeless designs, are able to guarantee a glamorous longevity.