Southern craftsmanship meets refined innovation

Innovative without revolutionizing. Experimenting without departing from classic good taste. This is the way of TwentyOne. A brand that takes the utmost care with each detail, imbuing its collections with the excitement and hope of new possibilities, all in the quest for balance. It all started with TwentyOne’s founder, Antonio Carnevale, and his commitment to the spirit of those who do not settle for compromise. TwentyOne sets the goal of bringing to life the purest expression of Made in Italy through the creation of what can be called the tradition of tomorrow.

Today, TwentyOne prides itself on producing collections in step with the times. Always new, always fresh. Each cut, each fitting, a manifestation of the brand’s commitment to innovation and thinking outside of the box. Viewing fabrics in new and original ways with a nod towards modern style and relevant trends, but always keeping in mind timeless good looks and tradition. Following in the footsteps of his father, Antonio Carnevale is inspired by the indispensable style that makes Italian fashion famous throughout the world. Today, the brand brings to market refined and contemporary garments without ever losing sight of a long-standing family tradition of high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Headquartered in Puglia, a region long considered the jewel of Italy, TwentyOne draws its inspiration from the beauty of its natural surroundings. A hint of this majestic landscape can be sensed in each TwentyOne creation. Captured within each design is a benevolence to nature and its ever-changing landscape, qualities that are reflected in the brand’s identity to be one of the finest Italian producers of men’s high fashion.

As a musical composition is the voice of harmony, so each piece of the TwentyOne collection is designed to be a perfect symphony, a coming together of quality fabrics, precision cuts, hand stitching, and artfully selected accessories. Taste is the pursuit of pleasure, but also the continuous discovery of new combinations and old sensations. The search for the right accessory to embellish and characterize makes every piece as unique as the one who wears it.

TwentyOne is forever in search of good taste. And how does one define good taste? TwentyOne knows. It is captured in the ability to take life lightly —a specific kind of elation, one that is not superficial but glides over things from above — a taking in but also a willingness to let go and not collect boulders on the heart. Each TwentyOne garment is a quest for harmony of forms as revealed in comfort and well-being. Representing a journey in search of original solutions and of rethinking the known, giving way to the satisfying taste of creative discovery.