Luxury ready to wear specializing in fine knits

The Art of the real Made in Italy — for more than thirty-five years, Tricot Chic has been leading the way in the women’s apparel market. Founded in 1972 in Paderno d’Adda, Italy, by Carlo Nava and his wife Rosa Granata, Tricot Chic has a long-standing history of producing finely crafted women’s knitwear based on generations of know-how. Recently, in response to international demand, the Tricot Chic has experienced considerable growth. Thanks to sophisticated production performance, the brand has crossed over from more traditional styles to a groundbreaking innovative collection capable of capturing modern moods and trends.

The result, Tricot Chic’s Made in Italy apparel is represented in more than 1,800 boutiques worldwide. Owned by the Nava family, Tricot Chic boasts a foundation built on cohesion and continuity of quality and relevant style. Flavio Nava and his wife Mara Martini are at the heart of the Tricot Chic design team. Mara began her career in the fashion industry at the age of twenty-two as a stylist assisting Raffaella Curiel in her atelier. Since then, Mara has built a noteworthy reputation as a designer who fluidly interprets market trends and tendencies.

Today, the Tricot Chic design team creates new collections that are more and more personalized and rich in detail, making each collection unique in style. With an inherent passion for what they do, along with advanced technologies and a pioneering character, the entire stylistic staff takes pride in their product quality. A familial spirit, a love for the knitwear tradition, and strong innovative instincts have been key factors for the continued growth and success of the brand. Tricot Chic distinguishes itself for making collections eternally rich in detail. The brand pays special attention to cut, trimmings, stitching, and the quality of materials sourced.

Proven experience in handcrafted knitwear merges with innovative spirit in the quest for fresh concepts and new ways of expressing the contemporary feminine—all with a commitment to comfort and quality and the real Made in Italy. The entire production process — from style creation to production and sales — takes place in brand headquarters in Paderno d’Adda thanks to a committed team of talented professionals and born collaborators. The Company has created a flexible system of production and distribution to meet individual retailer needs. Thanks to advances in technology and a streamlined production process, Tricot Chic is able to meet unique client demands, on time, and with the utmost in customer care.

Today’s Tricot Chic knitwear collection brings together precious fabrics in an expression of a modern prêt- à- porter 100% Made in Italy. The peculiarity of Tricot Chic collections rests in its exclusive three-dimensional applications of original materials with exceptional detail. The collections are designed for the dynamic and unconventional twenty-five to forty-five-year-old woman. The confident female of the day who knows what she is looking for in life and is not afraid to choose. A self-possessed woman of understated elegance with a timeless voice.