Elegantly refined furs with a modern twist

Owned by PadovaFurs, Tosato1928, has been bringing finely crafted Made in Italy furs to the international marketplace since 1998. In response to popular demand by the high-fashion community, the brand has grown quickly, offering its signature collections at some of the most prestigious fashion showrooms worldwide including Milan, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Tokyo, and Moscow. Headquartered in Padua, Italy, Tosato1928 has long been appreciated by its international clientele for the quality of its furs, which combine the expertise of skilled craftspeople and the creative eye of artisans — together, giving birth to one- of-a-kind creations. In 2011, Tosato1928 opened its flagship showroom in Milan at Via Montenapoleone 21 to showcase its highly sought-after collections.

For over fifty years, Tosato1928’s parent company, PadovaFurs has developed unparalleled services in the production and wholesale of the most refined furs available on the market. Today, the brands stand together as a beacon of high fashion providing an endless variety of collections to meet the needs of top fashion designers. For generations, the PadovaFurs Maison has led the industry with a strong sense of innovation, supported by highly regarded expertise in fur selection, processing, and manufacturing. The result, a new world of prêt-à-porter with two industrious new brands under the PadovaFurs roof: Tosato1928, a brand that elegantly reinterprets the traits of current fashion trends and Bun, the family’s engaging new marque that mixes various textures and materials in ultra-modern clean-cut garments.

Each collection emphasizes a perfect encounter between experimentation and tradition, bringing together highly sophisticated certified skins and luxurious new fabrics. From silky sables accented with fine cashmere fibers in nuances of natural pastel to exquisitely tailored and elegant coats and highly wearable vests. Additional collection hallmarks include clean-cut reversible fur jackets, which can satisfy the desire for a classic look with a contemporary twist. Unique details and innovative techniques rise to meet current trends and are what make each garment distinctive and singular.

The Tosato1928 team has built its work ethic on a foundation of trustworthy values, including reliability, commitment, integrity, and passion. The Maison remains committed to investing in style, function, innovations in technology, and sustainability. This means the company only trades and uses fur that can be found in the international market and deemed tradable as outlined by The Washington Convention on International Trade, which prohibits the import and export of animals and plants considered to be endangered.

Originality is the essence at the core of Tosato1928. Each collection combines high- quality sable skins and dyed leathers. These elements are then further enriched with the use of refined fabrics, trims, and intricate needlework. The final garment conveys a sense of sophistication and luxury, with an air of classic elegance dotted with trademarks of traditional craftsmanship. Based on customary values and paying special attention to Made in Italy workmanship, the Tosato1928 Maison has built a reputation for offering cutting edge styles, handcrafted in long-trusted Italian traditions, that meet the demands of the modern fashion landscape.