Tailored, washed and retro inspired shirts since 1954

Tintoria Mattei, known for its tailored, washed, and retro inspired shirts, is the brainchild of Giemme Brandscorporate, a leader in crafting menswear shirts since 1950. The passion for creating shirts began in Bassano Bresciano, in the Lombardy region, where Angelo and Teresa Cattina opened a small atelier and developed a passion for sartorial execution. Their approach and construction of each shirt is typical of Italian craftsmanship, defined by small gestures and choices that have become tantamount to being ordained. In 1978 the business became more established and consistent growth led to the creation of “Camiceria Giemme”.

As the second generation comes of age, production increased to several thousand shirts a day, manufacturing for multiple brands. It is followed by Giemme Branscorporate S.p.A, a holding company founded in 1990 to promote an artisanal approach, and a commitment to quality, excellence, creativity, and passion, that combines traditional skills and technological innovation. A shirt is an essential element in a man’s wardrobe. It can be the garment that inspires a range of aesthetic choices, and as such it has the power to complete, define and compliment someone’s identity. In creating these shirts, the design leadership at Giemme Brandscorporate draws from the past to meet the needs of the times, by defining the elements being called into the future.

Italian creativity is expressed in the identification of personality, lifestyle, and how that leads to experiencing the world. Paired with quality, focused on the best textiles and execution, which are a guarantee of durability and wear. Customer service is prioritized. At Giemme Brandscorporate clients are part of the ethos, with respect to respecting timelines, the delivery options, being attentive to their needs and a commitment to finding solutions to any problems that may arise.

With a 500 square meter showroom in Via Morimondo, in the heart of Milan, the company prides itself on promoting their Italian identity with an eye to the world, by showcasing their commitment to the best in modern execution and presentation. In New York, the Giemme Brandscorporate showroom is located at 551 Fifth Avenue. Designed to compliment the clean and modern lines of this bustling city, it’s the perfect environment to showcase the vibrant range of styles in the collections.

Tintoria Mattei, which has relied on Giemme for all their manufacturing needs, has developed a new approach that combines technical advancements to create a perfect fit and promote a contemporary, grungy look. With options that have a denim, dyed effect, each shirt is distinguished by its lightweight, and the use of a stretch material that’s comfortable and versatile. With a wide selection that includes Indian inspired patterns, to warm tones typical of the brand, and colors that range from earthy reds, to army greens, Tintoria Mattei’s signature indigo and blues mix with fantasy and floral motifs, which includes the iconic bandana print, offered seasonally. In its signature collaboration with Tessitura Albiate, the capsule collection offers water repellent over shirts in a techno-poplin fabric, to master the perfect combination of shirt and technical garment.