Men's beachwear collection exuding joie de vivre

Tiki Napoli is a prestigious swimwear brand based in Naples, Italy, with an expanded offering of a complete lifestyle collection, including apparel of unbounded personality and comfort. Made in Italy quality is at the heart of the Tiki Napoli mission with an outstanding selection of fabrics and accessories sourced with particular attention to texture, design, and craftsmanship.

The brand started out as a couture men’s swimwear producer for prestigious international designers. Today, the beautifully printed swimwear collections can be found at retailers worldwide, including some of the most popular U.S. accounts like Mr. Sid, Pockets, Shaia’s, Hubbard’s, and George Bass.

The brand’s initial success is thanks to the luxurious Tiki Napoli fabric, known for its unique quick-dry poly and brilliant prints. Each distinguished collection offers alluring colors, designs, bright fabrics, and accessories in cheerful and classic themes. An assortment that beckons the confident adventurer to go forth and explore in absolute style.

As a couture design studio, Tiki Napoli questions the status quo; you see things that exist and ask yourself, why? But Tiki Napoli dreams of things that never existed and asks, why not? To Tiki Napoli, its romantic vision comes to life with color, individualized patterns, and more color. Cheerful palettes, tropical flowers, fish, shells, animals, and other references to the world of flora and fauna are the undisputed protagonists of the Tiki brand’s garments.

Tiki takes us by the hand into an imaginary dreamscape where anything is possible. An enchanting setting of bright design combinations are reminders of the iconic, the endurable, the fantastic, and timeless places often longed for but rarely found. Places in the imagination where green, pink, or blue jellyfish swim in deep fuchsia-colored seas, and pink, turquoise or emerald frogs leap on blue or yellow meadows, and tiny orange or white crabs chase each other on blue or ocher sands. A seascape just beyond the water's edge, where the call of the siren beckons, reminiscent of Naples’s historical residence, Palazzo Donn'Anna.