Exquisitely comfortable shoes handcrafted in Italy

Thierry Rabotin was born in Thollet, a small village in the center of France in the early fifties. For years, Thierry worked in women’s and children’s wear until 1978 when he decided to follow his passion and dedicate his time to the creation of finely crafted shoes, distinguished and elegant in style, but able to give the sensation of walking barefoot. Today, joined by founding partners, Giovanna Ceolini and Karl Schlecht, and their sons Andreas and Thomas, Thierry Rabotin footwear brings ultra-high-end shoes, handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, to the international luxury brand market.

The brand’s success—with the opening of single brand boutiques in Paris, Rome, New York, and Beijing—is a testament to its mission and quality. The foundation of Thierry Rabotin Footwear can be summed up in the words of its founder, “I love to design shoes that envelope the foot, giving the sensation of walking barefoot.” This is the mission. This is the goal. At Thierry Rabotin Footwear, client wellness comes first, and design always follows function. The Last, or the form on which Thierry Rabotin footwear is created, are intentionally asymmetrical to follow the anatomy of the foot. Each last is hand carved in intricate detail to support basic form and function.

The hourglass shape allows for a true fit from heel to toe, taking pressure off the instep for a comfortable stride throughout the day with confidence.  Heel shapes and heights are developed to place support at the body’s center of gravity. Each created to be wide enough to reduce tension on the foot’s tendons, thus reducing fatigue and inflammation. Wedges are hand carved from micro-rubber—a light and elastic material that reduces impact at every step. The surface of the wedge is measured to size so that the foot has the largest possible walking surface, providing support to the ankle.

A slight recess carved in the heel prevents the foot from sliding forward and allows weight to be evenly distributed. A variety of sole styles include responsibly sourced 4mm-thick leather, tanned in Italy and made with non-slip rubber inserts to increase durability and provide more flexibility; micro-foam rubber, used in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and thicknesses provides a lightweight cushion that minimizes stress and maximizes comfort.  Thierry Rabotin leathers are sourced from the best Italian and French tanneries and processed with the utmost environmental consideration. Microfiber Lycra®, featured in a variety of Thierry Rabotin footwear, is lightweight, flexible, and durable. Sourced in an assortment of colors, the microfiber hugs the foot gently and allows for maximum range of motion.

Thierry Rabotin footwear is lined with the brand’s signature blue nappa (lamb) leather. It is hypoallergenic and guaranteed free of chrome V, a toxic chemical commonly found in the tanning process. Insoles are covered with a layer of Poron©, a supportive, shock absorbent material that cushions the foot even after long-term wear. The unique style of Thierry Rabotin footwear is expressed in a culmination of elegantly unpretentious design, aesthetic quality, and exemplary functional properties.