Modernizing classic outerwear since 1981

Excellence has been the core objective of Alfio Vanuzzo and Morena Baldan since they founded Suprema in 1981. A leading company in the field of high quality leather and shearling apparel, Suprema prides itself on its commitment to research, passion, attention to detail, and the pursuit of personality. The company headquarters are located in Dolo, in the province of Venice. Known all over the world for its leather goods manufacturing, the region has become a valued reference point in this sector. While Suprema has always had close ties to its roots and the regions’ long-standing tradition, the company is vested in innovation and has its eye set on the future.

Like the name implies, the collections offer a wide range of luxuriously refined outerwear, in a range of precious textiles, furs, and leathers that have helped it gain a strong following. In keeping with Made in Italy’s reputation, Suprema’s collections are available throughout a global network of high-end boutiques, as well as an ever-expanding distribution model. With their son, Alberto who joined the board to oversee sales and public relations, Suprema is set to become an undisputed leader in its field. Shearling has always been a part of Suprema’s iconic offering. Over 30 years, the company has continued to innovate by employing the latest state-of-the-art processing techniques.

With finishes that include laser printed, perforated, painted or spreading techniques, the collection has come to reflect the development of creative shapes and geometrical designs that give the garments a strong, yet timeless character. True to its ambitious goals, and growing success, Suprema’s collection expanded to incorporate fur. As a fur specialist it enjoys creating designs that interpret contemporary trends and offer sophisticated, fashionable outerwear, that includes beautifully seductive coats in mink, sable, and chinchilla.

In addition to fur, Suprema’s commitment to luxury outerwear offers a range of wool, cashmere, and shearling coats with fur details that reinterpret the classic styles long admired and photographed. By reinterpreting these ‘classic’ designs, Suprema has invested in developing processes that can make a big difference in outerwear. With details such as tons-sur-ton satin tape on the lining, special trims, textile covered buttons, high quality zippers, and the brand’s signature gold or silver chain above the label, Suprema is a guarantee of superior quality and fit.

Furthermore, Suprema provides the same level of quality and manufacturing on the inside and outside of its garments. Suprema garments are made only with high quality materials like certified Saga Furs from Finland (a guarantee of sustainability) and Merino skins from Spain for shearling. Boasting a design sensibility that’s not classic, but refined, and elegant, in the words of principal and founder Morena Baldan: “A Suprema coat should be worn today and tomorrow with the same emotion as the first time.”