Game changing techno collection utilizing high performance fabrics

The Suns brand was founded in 2018. Conceived by Lucia Blondi, the current head designer, and Paolo Muccifora, the company’s creative director, the collection offers technical sportswear for today’s customer needs. A dynamic lifestyle, clean lines, and sustainability are the base on which the creative duo have added their unique touches, to offer daywear with a contemporary appeal that's affordable, comfortable and functional.

The name and the logo are symbolic. Suns reads the same way every which way, and the circle, known in antiquity as the ‘Monad’, represents the universe. It’s also the origin of the English word for sun. When the elements align, inspiration draws on the universe’s positive energy. Ideas are generated from a place of harmony and love to form a perfect circle. “Inspiration is evolution, evolution is love” is the company mantra.

Suns is designed to appeal to a wide range of clients, from youths to more seasoned consumers who have an active lifestyle and an appreciation for quality technical garments, a minimalist silhouette, and a love of color.Suns is a partnership between PM and Zero&Co, which produces the collections, oversees distribution, strategy, online marketing, social media and events. Zero&Co, is based in Puglia, a region known for its beauty and traditions. Founded in 1973 by Mario Vendola, the company has been a leader in ready to wear for multiple generations.

Their state of the art facilities, their shared values of innovation, passion, creativity, and sustainability, combined with traditional craftsmanship and advances in technology are a source of great pride. The best yarns are spun by generating energy from photovoltaic panels, in a process that’s followed by rigorous quality checks, and a recycling method that highlights the workings of a circular economy that’s 100% Made in Italy. Identified as cruelty free, the textiles created for the Suns collections have unique technical qualities. The iconic ‘Ghost’, a key fabric in the company’s popular monochromatic jackets, is known for its water repellant quality, which once wet, reveals a unique pattern. Suns also uses more commonly known materials like canvas and twill as well as neoprene, a breathable and stretch fabric distinguished in its best selling jacket, which is available in ten color options.

Each collection is based on technical performance, multi-functionality, a minimalist aesthetic, and an emphasis on color. This approach and rigor has contributed to the company’s success. With signature details like the tagged polo, the side zip athleisure pant, and the wide range of clothes made in Ghost fabric, Suns is a trans seasonal brand that combines functionality with a refined aesthetic. The two companies also collaborate on the multi brand Zero + Suns, a kids line which they launched in 2019 as a father-son and mother-daughter dress-alike concept. Suns is distributed through a wholesale network across Europe, as well as online through its e-commerce platform. The company’s first retail store is located in the Leonardo Da Vinci airport in Fiumicino. Additional openings are planned for Rome, Milan, Ibiza, Barcelona, and Paris.