Vibrant men's accessories handmade in Sicily

Silvio Fiorello’s dream to set up a company specialized in making ties came true in 1986 — the fruit of a vision, a lot of hard work, and the support of his wife Carmela. Based in central Sicily, a land of centenary treasures, traditions and beauty, their atelier is located in the small village of Gagliano Castelferrato. Silvio Fiorello was born into a highly religious family in 1943. As a young man he studied the classics in a rigorous and disciplined environment.

In a peripatetic turn of events, he began by studying law, but was called into military training, which at the time was still compulsory in Italy. Once he completed his service, he accepted a job at a pharmaceutical company, all the while cultivating his passion for fashion, art, and style. He then moved to Rome and after working for some time he resumed his studies and received a bachelor’s degree in sociology. Ultimately, his journey to making ties brings all his skills to the fore, in ways that he could never have imagined as a young man.

Silvio Fiorello’s philosophy and approach to making ties is rooted in his love of quality, craftsmanship, and exquisite materials. All his creations are exclusive and hand made with silks from Como, a region in northern Italy prized for its craftsmanship, high quality fabrics, and selection. Like so many family businesses steeped in the tradition of Made in Italy craft, Silvio Fiorello is one big family. His production team is made up entirely by women, who, together with the principals, are committed to working together toward the same purpose: making beautiful products. At Silvio Fiorello everyone is tethered by their loyalty towards their clients, and operates on the premise of transparency, honesty, and service that can only be found from true Made in Italy products.

When the Fiorello spouses started the company they embraced an ideology rooted in the beauty of their land. It has served them well as their products are appreciated, have gained notoriety, and are now sold to the best boutiques in the world. Today, the company is still based in Gagliano Castelferrato, surrounded by their beloved landscape, to these days their daily source of inspiration. Antiquity and fashion, the old and the new, love for one’s roots and innovation in their approach to working and building a company, have always stood as the frame for the creative masterpiece that Silvio Fiorello’s brand represents.

Each tie, including the lining, is entirely handmade using the best Italian silks. All have double lining, which makes them more comfortable, and are available in many models and styles to choose from, ranging from classic ties, special ties, pleated ties, patchwork ties, seven and eleven fold ties, diamond ties and many more. With its unique color combinations and vibrant patterns, Silvio Fiorello is a bold tribute to Italy’s finest craftsmanship and heritage.