Creating one-of-a-kind garments for empowered women across the globe

Driven by love for haute couture, She’s So was always destined for success. Dynamic Nicola and Daniela Nicolini grew up around fashion, spending their childhood surrounded by wefts and yarn in their mother’s studio, as she pioneered her own knitwear brand known as Gemma Zanzani in the 1970s. After many years spent observing and learning the craft, the pair inevitably followed in their mothers’ footsteps launching a brand of their own.

In 2000, Nicola and Daniela’s hard work and love for fashion paid off as they debuted a collection infused with an unparalleled contemporary style, brining She’s So to life. Each and every design in the collection is meticulously crafted with the excellence in mind. The garments are created directly on the body, allowing the fabrics to take their own shape. This creates an organically collaborative process, allowing the designer to take on a role as an interpreter of the shapes, rather than an independent creator. This approach also trims any excessive, redundant steps, while always ensuring the form of the female body is at the epicenter of any decision made. With this approach, the garments inevitably work with and enhance the female form, rather than distract from it.

Unstructured, modern, and easy to wear, She’s So specializes in a mix-and-match approach, with a palette of bold colors – lime green, dusty pink, electric blue, lemon– and some white. Think contemporary shirts with slim pants, in flattering yet modest silhouettes, also combined with fitted dresses and more voluminous bottoms. In short, key wardrobe staples. In the midst of the collection, the brand also features highlights of some slightly riskier, modern pieces. For example, consider asymmetrical button shirts with back detailing, an oversized embroidered short-sleeved oversized grey tunic dress, or a wide skirt in black and white monochrome geometrical patterns.

She’s So’s minimal and modern looks are designed to empower women look and feel effortlessly beautiful, all while remaining modern and versatile. Each piece shows tremendous attention to detail, fabric, and color – no detail is overlooked to ensure each garment falls perfectly on any figure. The brand aims to launch a select number of eye-catching, key pieces in each collection, all with an easy luxe, day-to-evening aesthetic. She’s So hopes to become a destination for strong, empowered women worldwide, and they’re well on their way.

Designed and produced entirely in Italy, the She’s So collection has made an appearance on a global scale, being presented at top Fashion Week events in Milan, Paris, New York and Moscow and sold in top fashion boutiques all over the world.