Daring denim collection since 1964

Shaft Jeans has been designing and creating jeans since 1964. With each pair handmade by skilled craftsmen, the Shaft Jeans label has long been a trusted expression of rebellion and nonconformity. Today, the unique design, elevated taste, and fabric quality make the brand more popular than ever. The owner, Francesca Bacci, took over the brand in 2004. Thanks to her thirty years of experience in the fashion industry, Shaft Jeans can now be found in some of the most prestigious luxury and haute couture stores in the world. With Francesca at the helm, Shaft Jeans remains committed to investing in fearless style mixed with function, innovations in technology, sustainability, and the Made in Italy maxim.

Denim has long been a fabric of fusion, one that takes on the personality and mood of its wearer. Denim adapts and rolls with changing times —denim is enduring at its core — made from the fibers of innovation, and suitable for endless combinations. With a tradition of uncompromised workmanship in its DNA, Shaft Jeans has become an important benchmark for the most exclusive and advanced production practices. The brand’s garments are each made in a high-level manufacturing facility, a multi-step method which returns the coveted vintage look yet always with updated fashion details that make each pair a must for every season.

Shaft Jeans elevates luxury denim from Italy to a new level. It is a brand that is serious about its ambition for fashion, authenticity, and sustainability while simultaneously delivering one of the best looking and best-fitting denim on the market today. With a commitment to research, it is the brand’s ability to tune in with today’s customers’ desires, which enables it to adapt and meet the must-have mantra of modern style.

The appeal of denim products endures with Shaft Jeans leading the way, thanks to ongoing collaborations with some of the most qualified companies such as Cone Denim USA, and renowned Japanese and Italian brands recognized for their production of specialty selvage jeans and reimagined vintage designs. The product is meticulously made the old fashion way with several sartorial steps, always with an eye towards a clean look and all-day comfort. The final collection is a culmination of the careful selection of the best denim produced in the world and the finest cotton available in the marketplace. These attributes have a significant impact on the final product. Washes are done paying attention to sustainability, which speaks to caring about the final consumer and their wellbeing.

Extreme quality of materials, heightened quality, never-ending attention to detail, and a refined taste and care for each stitch and cut — these are the benchmarks that make each pair of Shaft Jeans stand out. Innovation, a distinctive trait of Italian denim, is the key to success. By remaining authentic and true to its roots, while working with modern innovation and trends, Shaft Jeans is at the forefront of the international denim market. The result, timeless collections with a difference in quality that can be perceived by demanding connoisseurs.