Unapologetic elegance for daring women

A big time player in Italian fashion, Sergio Tegon launched his own brand in 1970. At the time the entrepreneur knew full well that branching off on his own was a gamble, but his passion for fashion, his knowledge of tailoring and the market set him off on an adventure destined to become one of the biggest commercial and creative successes in the world of Made in Italy. Over the course of fifty years, his company’s ‘open to the market’s evolution’ attitude allowed him to skillfully and intuitively anticipate trends, by launching collections that have captivated consumers and generated high returns.

Seventy Venezia was created for those who appreciate quality and Italy’s tradition of impeccable tailoring and innovation. Italian in essence and style, the brand has the potential to expand and cultivate a strong following abroad. With the next generation now holding the reigns, Pierpaolo as CEO of the company, Francesca in the role of Creative Director of Styling and Communication, and Giovanna who oversees production, not only will they uphold their father’s passion, they’re perfectly suited to foresee market trends and anticipate the company’s future needs.

Seventy Venezia represents an easy approach to ‘chic’, with a target audience of young women keen to explore a non-conventional, innovative approach to fashion. Despite the group’s expansion and the search for innovation, the company’s mantra has stayed the same. The total pursuit of quality: from a product’s initial design, its production and ultimate distribution, every element, every detail needs to meet the company’s exacting standards. Although the next fifty years are bound to be challenging, Grouppo Ca’ da Mosto, the umbrella company overseeing Seventy Venezia, is ready to confront the market head on, with a clear vision and objectives that are bound to generate opportunities all over the world.

With Venice, a city beloved throughout the ages, as a constant inspiration, beauty is their beacon. Featured in the Seventy Venezia logo, as a personal token to the refined, subtle, as well as dynamic, innovative and rule-breaking tendencies the brand has adopted. Highlighting the timeless elegance and the way the water’s reflections illuminate the details of the brand’s creations, Seventy Venezia embodies the ability to anticipate the ever evolving styles of the globe trotters, by generating ideas, energy, and inspiration the same way the city has.

Like the beautiful selection of women’s and men’s ready to wear collections, which offer a wide range of expertly crafted garments, the city, like the brand it inspired, is as indelible as a favorite travel scrapbook. Snapshots taken through open windows capture canals and alleys where time has come to a standstill. The sensuality and intensity of the city is expressed in the sartorial research and design sensibility that pays homage to a place of wonder and enduring seduction.