The art of tailor-making since 1990

Menswear staple Salvatore Martorana was established by husband and wife Salvatore and Cettina Martorana in 1990. With twenty years in ready to wear sales at prestigious Italian brands, Salvatore’s background was primed for this entrepreneurial venture. In the late 80’s, when he decided to set up his own business, he knew he could count on the help of his wife, a highly qualified skilled master tailor who was essential to building the business, as well as the rest of his family. Based in a small town in the center of Sicily, an island region with a long and storied history, Salvatore Martorana is far from the epicenters of Italian fashion.

In time the exquisite quality of the handmade ties and suiting, and the network of sales offices across the world helped spread the word and grow the business. Soon the reputation of this Sicilian atelier and its genuine Made in Italy products grew, and the company began exporting all over the world — from New Zealand to the United States, from the Arab Emirates to Japan and China. As the brand became established, requests for total looks prompted the launch of a shirt collection in 1988, which was followed by suiting in the new millennium.

Quality first is the company motto. Salvatore and Cettina Martorana have always been well aware that without the highest quality fabrics, one cannot produce a quality product. The company’s commitment to sourcing and using the best fabrics is par to the course. Their collaboration with a range of Italian fabric mills is what allows the company to create exclusive collections. Their suppliers are giants in their field: Loro Piana and Ermenegildo Zegna for wools, Cotonificio Albini and Canclini for cotton, and Ratti and Mantero for silks.

The first retail store opened its doors in 2001, and is based at company headquarters in Valguarnera. It was followed in 2003 by a second one in the Sicilian capital of Palermo. As their success grew, Martorana opened a store in Catania in 2006, and then one in Siracusa in 2008. Showrooms followed in the European fashion hubs of Milan, Brussels, and The Hague.

Menswear and suiting underwent many changes throughout the time the company was in business. Tailoring was abandoned when the fashion system introduced mass produced clothing. Thankfully, a return to personalized fashion has reignited an interest in tailored suiting, which gave the brand the opportunity to develop an important business which makes full use of the skill-set and quality the company built its business on. Today, Salvatore Martorana offers bespoke and made to measure services to its most demanding customers, supplying what they define as a ‘vanity affair’ for the masculine world. Thanks to its traditional and elegant styles, the impeccable quality cut and finish of their bespoke suits, this Italian staple has been able to outfit a wide range of high profile politicians, industry leaders, and heads of state. Influencing their personal style has been a personal goal for the company, and a source of great pride.